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We are expanding our network of crypto enthusiasts! We are looking for ambitious talent who have a fiery passion for building high-quality products that will change the financial world as we know it today.



We collaborate as unique individuals with a unified vision to achieve greatness. We welcome unique talent of all levels who can contribute in their own way.



This world is ever-changing. We don’t resist, we adapt and grow through experimentation and implementation.



We are a team of thinkers and innovators. Innovators keep inventing solutions to
today and tomorrow’s problems that no one has yet to solve. We keep up and get ahead!


Service Minded

Everything as a service for our users’ utmost convenience. We consider users our #1 priority in all aspects of our work. Help us add onto the growing list of -aaS!

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Problem Solver

A problem is not an obstacle, but merely a normal part of an on-going innovation process. Let’s tackle it together!

Core Values

We operate under core values that reflect our cutting-edge and user friendly products.

Why join us

Enjoy the perks of working at a modern startup while navigating your passion among networks of talented ambitious individuals. Submerge yourself in a culture that values your time, contributions and growth.



Time is a luxury that you can now afford, even as a full-time member. Everyone has their own productive hours and focus zones, and we strongly encourage you to manage yours (with caveats of course!)


Health and Wealth

Your physical and mental wellbeing is our company and our insurance’s


Growing Talent

Work with an ambitious team of young talent who are exploring their passion and allocating their professional talent in the best places. Build professional and personal skills in a network of crypto enthusiasts with a burning interest for what the future holds.


Hybrid Workplace

Let’s not sit through Bangkok rush hour everyday just to come to work. Every hour on the red highway is a productive hour wasted.


Professional Growth

We give you the opportunity to grow with the company everyday. Here you will also have the chance to pitch innovative ideas, help make impactful decisions, and
learn through trial and error with our management team in your day-to-day.

Career Openings

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